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Many different people help make the Dallas Film Society and Dallas International Film Festival what it is. As a non-profit organization, our events are often achieved thanks to the great excitement and backing of a sponsor. Their love for film allows us to create unique events and bring filmmakers and audiences together.

PaperCity Magazine, one loyal sponsor, often highlights where glamour and fashion intersect with film’s artistic elements and DFS’s stylish events. I interviewed PaperCity’s Dallas Social Editor, Jane Rozelle, to discuss her love of movies and her favorite film fashion moments.

PaperCity's Dallas Social Editor, Jane Rozelle

PaperCity’s Dallas Social Editor, Jane Rozelle 

SH: How long have you been involved with the Dallas Film Society?

ROZELLE: I actually had my first internship after graduating college with the Dallas Film Society and then proceeded to work there on staff the following year. The film “family” is such a tight community in this city that somehow you always remain a part of the organization in one capacity or another.

SH: Do you have a favorite DFS or DIFF memory or experience?

ROZELLE: Although there are so many different chapters to a film festival that make up its je ne sais quoi….I would say that nothing beats the first day. The morning meeting where the staff gathers around to get everyone in go-mode.  At that moment, everyone has poured their heart and energy into making it the best possible film festival to date, that now all they can do is just run off pure adrenaline and hit the ground running.

SH: Why do you love film?

ROZELLE: I find film to be an interesting glimpse into someone else’s life. Whether it is romantic, disheartening or even chillingly terrifying – in someone’s eyes, it’s the honest truth and for that moment you can live it.

SH: If you could raid any film character’s closet, who’s would it be?

Kate Hudson as Penny Lane and Patrick Fugit in ALMOST FAMOUS (2000).

Kate Hudson as Penny Lane and Patrick Fugit in ALMOST FAMOUS (2000).


ROZELLE: Penny Lane’s (ALMOST FAMOUS) closet – or most likely just the trunk of her car – where she keeps all of those wonderfully romantic ensembles! Or Edie Sedgwick’s closet in FACTORY GIRL.


SH: What filmmakers would you love to have at your next cocktail party?

ROZELLE: Sofia Coppola… and Francis Ford…the whole Coppola family is invited to my cocktail party! They can supply the wine too! 

Bernardo Bertolucci – he would add a little slice of risqué to the table.

Martin Scorsese – because he’s not only interesting, he is a boss.

Jack Nicholson- I realize he’s not necessarily a filmmaker but in my opinion he makes the films he’s in!

SH: What are your top three fashion films you recommend others watch? 

ROZELLE:  FUNNY FACE – Audrey Hepburn is the ultimate transformation into Parisian chic.

A SINGLE MAN – If Tom Ford could design MY movie or my wardrobe, it would be so incredible!

MARIE ANTOINETTE – Although I would get some very odd looks if I wore some of these ensembles around town, it would be oh so fun to play dress up in that closet.

VALENTINO: THE LAST EMPEROR – a documentary about fashion!

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA – because who doesn’t love a good movie makeover scene!

Colin Firth and Julianne Moore in A SINGLE MAN (2009).

Colin Firth and Julianne Moore in A SINGLE MAN (2009). 

Thanks Jane!

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