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If only Netflix had been around when I was a child—it would have been a lot easier for me to watch AFI’s top 100 list in one summer!

We are insanely, crazy lucky to have so many outlets to discover great films at our fingertips at any given moment. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, there are more … and unlike 10 or 15 years ago, you don’t necessarily have to live in a major city to see them.

I won’t go into details on how dramatically the film industry has changed with the growth of digital distribution. It has, and many others have discussed that.

While I will always love first seeing films on the big screen with fellow movie fans, digital distribution and streaming can not be ignored, and it’s a great way for films to have an extended life. With that in mind, I’ll post a few movies each month I recommend for your instant queue or a random Tuesday night viewing.

This month, the focus is on a few documentaries we were honored to show at the Dallas International Film Festival. Watching so many documentaries each year for DIFF and DFS, I feel like my education never ends. I hope these films will inspire, entertain and challenge you as much as they did for me…from the viewing pleasure of your own couch!

BROOKLYN CASTLE (2012)Brooklyn Castle
BROOKLYN CASTLE follows students at Brooklyn, New York’s I.S. 318 public junior high school. The school has won over 26 national chess titles, more than any other junior high school in the nation. At I.S. 318, the chess team members are the superstars of their school. This charming documentary will have you cheering for the students while showing how important afterschool programs are to our schools and kids’ futures.
Available on Netflix, iTunes, YouTube, and Amazon Instant.

This story is stranger than fiction: A young Frenchman claims to be a grieving Texas family’s 16-year-old son who’s been missing for three years. Things get stranger when a Texas investigator starts looking into who the young man is and where he’s been. THE IMPOSTER is an eerie, gripping and well-crafted thriller.
Aviailable on Netflix, Google Play and Vudu

Did you know that Texas State Board of Education influences the textbook standards for the entire nation? THE REVISIONARIES is a fascinating look at the highly politicized Texas textbook hearings from 2009 and what happens when the theory of evolution and a rewrite of US history gets caught in the debate.
Available on Netflix.

image from THE RED CHAPEL.

 An image from THE RED CHAPEL.

Under the guise of a “cultural exchange”, director Mads Brügger and two Danish-Korean comics travel to North Korea and give audiences a glimpse of life under one of the world’s most notorious regimes. Some have called it a kind of gonzo journalism with a thick layer of dark wit. The group’s interactions with their North Korean hosts are amusing, strange and disturbing.
Available on Netflix and




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