DIFF #tbt: The “Quick Entertainment” Photo Shoot, April 2010

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DIFF 2010 - Quick Entertainment, April Cover

A festival takes months to prepare and the programming team watches films for hours and hours during that time. Energy can be low during the weeks leading up to the festival as you run around in circles trying to put the final puzzle pieces together.

This throwback Thursday photo was one of those moments to breathe and have fun. It was a moment to remember why movies are so great, why we love them and why we want to share them with audiences.

As each DIFF grows closer, James and I are often talking to the press, promoting films and events at the festival. This was another one of those times: a group photo for Quick Entertainment (published at the time by the Dallas Morning News). We met at the Angelika Film Center with the photographer, Jason Janik. He explained his idea and we did what we do best: settle in to a seat in one of the theaters.

James was in front and me behind him, in between our loyal print traffic manager, Keith Arnold, and our 2010 coordinator, Taso Georgakis. Our interns, Sarah and Andy, got in on the fun and sat behind us. And just for kicks, our friend and often partner-in-crime, Adam Conway from the Angelika joined in too.

A little popcorn was thrown (sorry, Adam) and we made our best scary faces. My favorite part of this photo is still Keith’s “nail-biter”. While this wasn’t the final version that made the cover, it’s still one of my favorites photos from my years of working at DFS. It is a great memory of the fun that goes into creating and sharing a film festival. And here we are four and a half years later, working on number nine.




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