UPDATE—We did it!: Join the DFS Kickstarter Campaign and Help Bring Filmmakers to Dallas

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Dallas Film Society Kickstarter Campaign


UPDATE: We reached our goal! Thank you to everybody who joined our campaign. We’ll update the site soon with a list of donors. If you donated, don’t forget to respond to the survey!

We will launch a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign on Dec. 1 to help us bring filmmakers to the city during the Dallas International Film Festival in April—and we need our supporters to help us spread the word.

During the past month, we have developed a campaign that highlights how important it is to bring national and international filmmakers to the Festival. Our goal is to inspire lovers of film and visual arts to donate to the Kickstarter project.

Like most nonprofits, we rely on sponsorships and other fundraising activities to fund our events—but they don’t cover the entire cost of filmmaker travel. Our goal is to raise $30,000 specifically for this purpose.


wellerEach year the Festival invites dozens of feature and shorts filmmakers to Dallas and—aside from showing films—we believe it is the most important thing we do for our audiences, for the filmmakers, and for the city as a whole. The reasons are threefold:

1. We Expose Dallas Audiences to Filmmakers: At the Festival, each visiting filmmaker has the opportunity talk to eager and inquisitive Dallas audiences after their screenings. Many filmmakers also join panel discussions, give interviews on the public Festival Stage or participate in master classes for high school and college students. These opportunities to interact with filmmakers deepen the audiences’ and students’ appreciation for the art form.

2. We Show Our City to Filmmakers: Filmmakers also learn about filmmaking opportunities in Dallas, including the city’s unique locations, skilled production houses, capable crews and Film Commission resources. By introducing filmmakers to the city’s assets, we show them the benefits to making their next film in Dallas.

3. We Inspire Filmmaker Collaboration and Imagination: Our core mission is to promote the art of film. We encourage DIFF filmmakers to meet the other directors, actors, producers and crew attending the Festival and forge friendships or partnerships that lead to collaborations. We are proud to be known known for the kind of hospitality that fosters great art and good will for DIFF and Dallas.


mywayCrowdfunding is a relatively new and unique opportunity to bring in revenue, and DIFF is one of the first film festivals to use it. It allows us to offer donors an easy way to give and to promote the campaign on their Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and other social media. In return we award tokens of our appreciations for donations made at different levels.

To ensure a successful campaign we need your help. We hope you will take a few minutes to reach out to your network through newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and any other platform at

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your disposal. Our campaign runs from Oct. 15 through Nov. 22. During that time, any mention you make of the DIFF Filmmaker campaign will give us a leg up.

Here is how you can help

  1. Please visit our DIFF FILMMAKER Kickstarter campaign.
  2. Watch the video, read about the project and review the incentives.
  3. Support the project by contributing any amount, even the minimum.
  4. Send this letter, a Tweet or a Facebook post to everyone you know.
  5. Pat yourself on the back, and say Thank You! Thank you!

Sample Tweets:

• Help bring filmmakers to Dallas! Support the Dallas International Film Festival Kickstarter campaign.

• Want to meet filmmakers at the Dallas International Film Festival? Support the DIFF Kickstarter Campaign!

• Bringing filmmakers to Dallas promotes the city’s film industry. Support the DIFF Kickstarter Campaign!

Sample Facebook posts

• Our friends at the Dallas International Film Festival need help to bring international filmmakers to Dallas. Check out their Kickstarter campaign and see how you can have a hand in who comes to next year’s Festival!

• Every year the Dallas International Film Festival brings dozens of filmmakers to Dallas. This year you can help by donating to their Filmmaker Travel Kickstarter campaign. Click the link to see how you can help filmmakers from around the world discover Dallas.

• It’s tough being an independent filmmaker. You can help cover their travel costs to the 2014 Dallas International Film Film Festival by donating to the DIFF Kickstarter campaign.

Video Testimonials

Be a filmmaker! If you’d like to make a personal video testimonial, we’d love to put it on our Facebook page. We know this isn’t for everybody, but it might be a fun office project. We can use one minute videos taken with a cellphone or video camera. Email yours to with “Kickstarter Video” in the subject line. We’ll give you copious amounts of credit.

Time is limited during this 28-day campaign. If we do not make our $30,000 goal we lose everything we’ve raised before Dec. 27. We appreciate any efforts you can make to help us before that date.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and to share it with your networks. Once the DIFF Filmmaker campaign is over, our staff will be happy to share what we’ve learned about crowdfunding so that you can apply our experience to your own campaign.




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2017 DIFF

Filmmaker interviews, photos and stories from the Festival!

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2017 DIFF

Filmmaker interviews, photos and stories from the Festival.

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Your support helps the Dallas Film Society bring independent films and filmmakers to Dallas, and educate the next generation of filmmakers.


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