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UPDATE: We’re really proud of the film community for stepping up and making donations on North Texas Giving Day. Thank you all for your support of the Dallas Film Society. The money from donors and the matching pool will go toward funding our education programs, the Dallas International Film Festival, and our year-round programming.

Your help makes it possible for us to strengthen the film industry and the film community in North Texas. We appreciate it.

On Sept. 13 from 7 a.m. to midnight, we will be participating in Donor Bridge’s North Texas Giving Day, which encourages the community to donate to Dallas non-profits.

We need your donation to help us fund our educational programs, our annual film Festival, and our seasonal programming.

Your donation will be matched with a percentage of funds set aside by Donor Bridge. (Matching money is not a straight “dollar for dollar” match. The matching amount will be determined after Giving Day by taking the total matching funds available on Giving Day, and dividing the total amount of donations from the day)

Last year $10.7 million was donated to 600 nonprofits on North Texas Giving Day.

Here Is how You can Help:

Step 1: On Sept. 13, log into

Step 2: Search for “Dallas Film Society” and click on the search result, or just CLICK HERE.

Step 3: Click the “Donate Now” button and follow the instructions to make your donation.

Please mark Sept. 13 on your calendar as the date to visit and search for “Dallas Film Society”.

Thank you for helping us spread the Art of Film in Dallas!

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2017 DIFF

Filmmaker interviews, photos and stories from the Festival.

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